Shane Tyler


I grew up in a little town called Nitro, West Virginia. There were not a lot of options for us as children so my mom moved me (and my two brothers) to Kansas City where we have grown and matured into young men. It's where I have met all my friends and my beautiful wife, and truly have figured out the man I want to be. This city means so much to me, it's grown and done great things for the people that live here. Before real estate, I served at 54th Street Bar & Grille, which is a local business here in Kansas City for the last eleven years of my life. I've always been involved with customer service in some way or another and it's truly because I love people. I really want to help them with the biggest financial decision they will ever make and I listen to them and empathize what it is they're going through. Being a real estate consultant is something I know I was meant to do, and be exceptional at. I know how important buying a home is - this will be a place where your family will laugh and enjoy dinner, your child take their first steps, and where you, as a homeowner, will have your own personal oasis from the hustle and bustles of life. I will make sure you find the house you fall in love with, and that it's done in a professional manner.

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