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The City of Mission Hills is located in Northeast Johnson County, Kansas, and was envisioned in 1912 by urban planner J.C. Nichols, who developed the renowned Country Club Plaza district in Kansas City. First-time visitors to Mission Hills can’t help noticing

Bordering the prestigious Mission Hills neighborhood, Prairie Village is a close-knit, family friendly community in Northeast Johnson County. With adorable shops that most homes have walking access too, conveniently located parks, and fantastic schools, PV is true gem! Read more

The City of Fairway, incorporated in 1949, is a beautiful residential community in Northeast Johnson County. With nearly 4,000 residents and nearly 1800 homes and 100 businesses, Fairway is a small, but significant City.  Located within minutes of the Country

Roeland Park has become the place to live for those that want to live near the city, with the comforts of a neighborhood community. With plenty of adorable bungalows and great access to all of the city’s hotspots, it’s easy

From the first settlers who made their way over the horizon, to the individuals who have found their lives, fun and fortunes here, people have long recognized Shawnee, Kansas as a place of new beginnings. Although her

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